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  • Pamela Sosnowski

No Excuses: Personal Training Alliance Brings the Gym to Busy People

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Joining a gym initially seems like a great idea until work, family, and other obligations cause that membership card to collect dust.

For residents of Fairfield County and New Haven County that can't get to the gym, Marc Ouellette, the owner of Personal Training Alliance of Shelton, will bring the gym to them.

Since 2000 he's been training busy men and women that wish to get fit in the comfort and privacy of their own homes, and save time while doing so.

"I offer personalized in-home fitness training and nutrition meal planning as well as online personal training for weight loss, fat loss, muscle toning, balance and flexibility," Ouellette said. "My workouts are fast, efficient, and convenient to make it easy to schedule working out so you can get healthy and in shape.

This fits right into your busy schedule. All of my equipment is top-of-the-line and brought right to your home or office gym."

Ouellette can train clients anywhere. Not just inside a home or in their backyard, but at a nearby park, their office, or any location of their choice can become their workout space. Although he has both male and female clients, women tend to employ his services to help navigate tricky hormonal changes in their bodies caused by pregnancy, menopause, and stress-related issues.

He also works with seniors that are living with health issues and need the exercise to counteract the effects to live as wholly and mobile a life as possible. According to Ouellette, there are several reasons why one should hire a personal trainer, other than if they're pressed for time.

"No matter what your goals are, one-on-one personal training is for you," he said. "Your personal trainer will work with you to plan a schedule around your commitments, keeping you motivated and excited for your next session. Building a relationship with your trainer will also keep you accountable.

There's always going to be the temptation to put your training off till tomorrow, but knowing you're in a fitness partnership with someone is great way to stay on track and not fall off course."

Besides strengthening and conditioning his clients using the most efficient moves as possible, Ouellette also provides nutritional advice. All of the exercise in the world will have little impact if it isn't supported by a balanced, healthy diet. This guidance starts at the very first meeting with a new client.

"We set up at our short-term and long-term goals right at the very beginning of our initial workout," he said. "I require my clients to keep a three-day dietary record at first so we can go over nutrition to get them the best possible results from the program." From there, he shows people how the right foods can improve a sluggish metabolism, increase energy, and potentially thwart any health problems.

Ouellette has several before-and-after photos of men and women of all ages that have dropped pounds and lost inches after using Personal Training Alliance posted on his website.

Client reviews describe Ouellette as a fun, supportive, and motivating trainer that brings enthusiasm to each workout.

"I provide positive motivation and accountability to get them through the tough workout and help them feel good about themselves afterword," he said. "My clients are my number-one priority, and I absolutely want them to be happy, healthy and succeed."

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