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Top 5 Physical Habits That Boost Your Fitness

Having the desire to get fit and getting excited about how good you’ll finally look is what gets many people started on their health and fitness journey.

However, the hard part is taking action on these desires and turning them into reality. So, if you’re ready to put in the work required to reach your fitness goals, here are five of the top physical habits you need to cultivate in order to boost your fitness.

Habit 1 – Get Plenty Of Sleep

Most people make the mistake of not getting enough sleep and thus hamper their fitness progress. Lack of sleep reduces your energy levels, limits muscle development and can lead to weight gain. When you get into the habit of getting six or more hours of quality sleep every night, you’ll avoid these negatives and enjoy optimal fitness.

Habit 2 – Have At Least One Rest Day Per Week

Exercising too hard and too long without sufficient rest is a serious issue that many exercisers have engaged in at one point or another in their fitness journeys. It’s vital that you avoid over exercising because the notion of ‘more is better’ does not always apply in the case of physical fitness. When you workout continuously without resting, the only results you’ll get are burnout and decreased performance. Therefore, make sure to give your body the rest it needs to recuperate by taking at least one full day to rest and relax each week.

Habit 3 – Take Action Daily

When you take action that moves you towards a specific goal every day, it becomes ingrained in your mind. It also allows you to gain momentum when working towards that goal and have much greater success with it. Therefore, make it a habit to do a physical activity every day that moves you towards your fitness goals. This can include your regular workouts or activities throughout the day such as walking to the grocery store instead of driving, avoiding the elevator and taking the stairs, cycling to work or jogging for a few minutes each day.

Habit 4 – Try New Things

When you fail to enjoy your workout sessions, you start seeing your routines as a burdensome task instead of an enjoyable activity. When this happens, you’ll start to put less effort into your workouts and are also more likely to quit completely. Therefore, make sure you’re trying new physical activities regularly to maintain fun in your workout routines. This variety will prevent your workouts from becoming boring and also offers the added advantage of allowing you to enhance areas of your fitness that you wouldn’t normally focus on.

Habit 5 – Walk More

Walking is something that we can all do more of without exerting too much effort. Although simple, the act of walking is an effective way to boost your overall fitness levels. It has many benefits which include strengthening your heart, burning calories, toning your muscles, improving muscle endurance, regulating your blood glucose levels and protecting against a range of illnesses.


No matter what your fitness goals, these five habits will help you achieve them. So have another read and if you’re not currently practicing all five, start implementing them today.

Marc Ouellette is a Certified In-Home Personal Trainer, Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition and Owner of Personal Training Alliance.

I help busy men and women with weight loss, fat loss, muscle toning, speeding up your metabolism and getting you to become more energetic and confident.

I’m offering you a Free In-Home Fitness and Nutrition Consultation to see if we can work together so I can help you reach all your health and fitness goals.

Serving Fairfield County and New Haven County and I Bring The Workout Right To You!"

Contact me here at, for more information about my services.

To your health, Marc

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