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Full Body Workout Routine That Works!

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

So you are looking to lose some weight and tone up? Full body workouts that target the whole body burns fat the quickest and what I focus on when I'm training my clients.

​Time wise this is the best way to train the body and get rest time all in the same week.

You would focus on all the major muscles of your body, covering the abs, chest, shoulders. back, biceps, triceps and legs.

You would want to do at least one exercise per body part and no more that a 30 seconds of rest between exercises.

Some of my more experienced clients will work up to no rest in between exercises until they complete a set of all the exercises, then get some water, rest, and then start another set.

You can work with a Kettlebell, Dumbbell, TRX, Bosu Ball, Machine Weights or simply you own body weight. You want to push your body to the point of failure without hurting or injuring yourself to get the most effective workout.

With my clients I focus on strict form, lighter resistance to start with, higher repetitions to make sure that we are getting a good safe workout.

As your body gets stronger we can then add more resistance and lower the reps to get the most effective workout while not getting injured.

By training in this manner you are not risking injury and are going to make some great progress on your health and fitness goals.

Losing weight, toning up, and getting stronger, should be the goal for any individual looking for a healthy way of exercising and getting my clients to a short term and long term fitness goal.

I will Design an Exercise Routine That Suits You:

If you'd like to get fit but aren't sure how to make an exercise routine that suits your own needs and schedule, you aren't alone.

Read on for some basic tips on making your own exercise schedule.

1. Figure out how much time you can spend on exercise.

2. Choose a variety of exercises that work all major muscle groups.

3. Do a reasonable amount of sets for your level of fitness.

4. Rest for a reasonable amount of time between sets.

5. Keep track of your exercise and improvement in a journal.

Now that you have an exercise schedule that fits your needs, it's time to get to it!

Enjoy :)

Marc Ouellette is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, Certified Specialist in Senior Fitness and Owner of Personal Training Alliance since 2000.

I help men and women get thin, burn fat, add lean muscle and also help them with balance, mobility, stability and becoming more energetic and confident.

I'm offering you a Free In-Home Fitness and Nutrition Consultation to see if we can work together so I can help you reach all your health and fitness goals.

"Serving Fairfield County and New Haven County and I Come Right To You, or You Can Come To My Home Gym"

Simply contact me here at, for more information about my services.

To your health, Marc

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