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That’s a claim that very few trainers can make using traditional approaches to personal training and fitness.

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For years, I have seen my clients – successful professionals – think that they were simply too busy to take time out from work to pursue physical fitness.

But if you talk to my clients who have tried my “Twice the Results in Half the Time” intensive approach, they’ll be the first to tell you how this fast approach to fitness has transformed their lives – personally and professionally!

My name is Marc Ouellette, and I’ve developed a revolutionary approach to personal training ideal for the busy professional. It was breaking my heart to see so many people successful in business – yet overweight, exhausted, and experiencing the chronic health issues that come with personal neglect!

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Success Stories


Julie at 3 Months

“I trained with Marc for 3 months. I was looking to tone up and that is what Marc did for me! He knew exactly what exercises to do with me to help me reach my goals. He is not only a great trainer but a great friend as well. He is great with his clients and I would recommend him to anyone.”  Julie



“Working with Marc has been a great experience. He knows when to push you and what you are capable of considering your form and safety at all times. He is very accommodating and flexible with training hours. Marc is always available to talk to during the week if you have questions and does different workouts often so your body doesn’t get used to the same thing! If you are considering someone to train with you should contact Marc he has your best interest at heart.” Nikki


“I started working with Marc form a referral from my girlfriend. His strength training and cardiovascular exercises, Kettlebell, and TRX Program  has lowered my body fat percentage and my energy and stamina has increased dramatically.” Charlotte



“I found Marc through a direct mailing. I don’t like working out at the gym, so having a personal trainer helping me is wonderful. I go to Marc’s house because he is on my way to work. His 45 minute strength training routine and cardiovascular exercises are awesome and I like the way he makes the workouts fun. He has constantly made me feel comfortable about exercising and is making me feel more positive about myself. Looking forward to losing more body fat and adding some lean muscle.” Samantha



“I just completed the 3 month program with Marc and I am so happy with the results!  I am a mother of two, in my late 40’s and was not happy with my sagging, muffin-top body.  I’ve had gym memberships for years and never made the time to go for whatever reason – I always had a reason. I knew that the only way I would get into shape was to hire a personal trainer that comes to me, and I lucked out with Marc. I work out with Marc 3 times a week and each time there is a different routine.  He mixes it up with strength training and cardio. I work out with Dumbbells, Kettlebells, the TRX system and my own body weight. I was never able to do one real push up and now I am proud to say that I can do a few – even on a decline!  What I like the most about Marc is his flexibility with scheduling and constant concern for the herniated disk in my neck.  I assure you that Marc will not disappoint and will help you become a healthier you. I can’t wait to see what I look like after another 3 months with Marc!”  Christine



“Marc from Personal Training Alliance provides high quality fitness training in the comfort of my own home. Marc tailored a plan to meet my personal fitness goals and has been executing such plan with enthusiasm, patience, and a high degree subject matter expertise. He emphasizes proper form, often reminding me that using lighter weights with proper form is far more effective than using significantly heavier weights improperly. This leads to both a higher likelihood of positive results and lower likelihood of injury. In addition, Marc continues to find creative ways to prevent workout boredom and stagnation by mixing in a variety of exercises to my routine. I have been working with Marc for nearly sixteen months and would highly recommend him to others.” Bruce




“I recently started working with Marc Ouellette, the Principal of Personal Training Alliance LLC. In evaluating your needs, Marc will design an exercise program that reflects personal objectives as well as fitness level and experience. His first priority always is safety. He does a great job at making sure the fundamentals are covered (e.g., proper form) before advancing. He monitors progress diligently and continually introduces new exercises. I found Marc to be professional, articulate, organized, punctual, patient and a subject-matter expert in the field of personal training. Highly recommended.” Leslie O.




“I have been training with Marc now for 6 months. At 51 years of age I decided it was time for me to try and get back in shape before it was too late. I had joined gyms, tried to start walking, diets, etc. but couldn’t keep myself going. Since day one of working with Marc, his great attitude and motivation has helped me change my lifestyle to get myself back into shape. I have currently lost 25 lbs and over 9% body fat. My overall strength and stamina have increased dramatically, family and coworkers also see a huge positive difference in my attitude and demeanor.
Marc has a variety of workouts that he changes regularly which make each session seem new and fun. He started me slowly but the sessions have been increasingly more difficult (which I now enjoy!). He has never pushed me too far or made me feel uncomfortable trying to do too much. Along with the great workouts, Marc provides a diet program online through the Personal Training Alliance, helping with meal suggestions, calorie counting and ways to help you eat better as a whole.


I am a trained Chef, also a big guy. I can tell you that changing my diet was a huge worry for me. The recipes provided are not only very good but have also helped me see how I could change my favorite home recipes and cut my calories tremendously. I do not walk around starving all day. For instance, instead of our family favorite Meatballs made with Meatloaf mix (Pork, veal, beef), eggs, tons of parmesan cheese, bread crumbs….. I now make them with ground Turkey, egg whites, far less cheese. My very picky kids, without knowing they are made with turkey, like the “new” recipe better (as do my wife and I).
Marc cannot take your weight off himself, you will get out what you put in. If you are ready to make that change in your life, I would without hesitation tell you to give Marc a try. He can and will help you get back in shape.”  Dave