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Your 12 Week Holiday Survival Strategy

November 1, 2018




There's no denying that the holidays are going to arrive soon!

I can tell you this with Halloween just around the corner of writing this article, then Thanksgiving and right into Christmas parties.

It's no secret that most people gain 5, 10 and even 15 pounds over the next few months. With all the parties, special meals and edible gifts, weight gain is pretty much inevitable...right? 

Not So fast!!! 

I've come up with a survival strategy to keep the holiday pounds from making a permanent home on your waist, hips and thighs. 

This strategy is very simple. I'm not expecting you to have the time to log all of your calories, or eat every meal at home. We are going to be realistic...

Golden Tip to Avoid Holiday Pounds: Spend the next 12 weeks eating like a caveman, with 2 daily exceptions. 

Here's why: Holiday pounds are caused by eating too many foods that are high in carbohydrates and simple sugars. 

You can avoid all that by sticking with an eating plan created by our pre-historic ancestors, while still keeping things fun by allowing for 2 small daily exceptions. 

This is what you would eat... 

As many fresh and fiber-filled vegetables as you want.

  • Load up on salads.

  • Enjoy vegetable side dishes.

  • Just no starchy vegetables like potato or corn.

Lots of lean, protein-filled meats and eggs.

  • Stick with meat that has been roasted, barbecue, or baked.

  • Avoid fried meats and eggs.

Fruits, nuts and seeds in moderation

  • Fresh fruit for a delicious dessert.

  • A handful of nuts or seeds for a snack.

  • Don't eat sugar-added fruits, nuts or seeds.

Then enjoy 2 small exceptions...

  • Bread or grain product: No larger than the size of your hand.

  • Starchy vegetables: Half of a cup.

  • Baked goods: Should fit into the palm of your hand.

  • Candies or confections: The smaller the better.

  • Holiday drinks: 8 ounces.

This plan works because it allows you to indulge in 2 exceptions each day. This encourages you to pick and choose the holiday cheat food that you really love, as opposed to feeling obligated to eat everything in sight.

When you navigate the buffet line at your next holiday party, feel confident knowing that you have a game plan. Stick with salad, vegetables and meats first, then pick out your 2 small exceptions and savor those. 

Remember, I'm here to help you meet your fitness and weight loss goals. 

Call or email today to get started on a fitness program that will turn your holiday weight gain into a holiday slim down.


Marc Ouellette is a Certified In-Home Personal Trainer, Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition and Owner of Personal Training Alliance.


I help busy men and women with weight loss, fat loss, muscle toning, speeding up your metabolism and getting you to become more energetic and confident.


I’m offering you a Free In-Home Fitness and Nutrition Consultation to see if we can work together so I can help you reach all your health and fitness goals.


Serving Fairfield County and New Haven County and I Bring The Workout Right To You!"


Contact me here at, for more information about my services.



To your health, Marc


















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