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By Marc


With so many different ways and programs offering you quick results to getting into shape, it can seem overwhelming choosing which way to go. However, the good news is that, with just a little bit of your time and effort, you can avoid paying for those types of programs and still get into amazing shape.

If you are just starting to get into a workout routine, one of the biggest mistakes most people make is pushing themselves too hard, too fast. You will achieve much better results if you just take your time and work at a pace that fits you. Not only will you be less likely to quit because of feeling sore and fatigued, but you will set a standard of goals that you know you can work with. Just keep in mind that you did not get out of shape in one day, so you cannot expect to get completely in shape in one day.

While you are working out, make sure that you are staying properly hydrated. You will be surprised at the amount of water your body will consume as you progress with your workout routine. As you work out, your body is undergoing a lot of stress and is converting fat cells to muscle cells. This makes your body run much hotter than normal and requires you to consume more water to stay cool.

You may hear stories about strength training making you bulk up faster. However, here is the truth. Strength training is the process where you lift more weight in fewer repetitions. When you lift smaller weights in more repetitions, you will tone your body more. You have to strike a balance between the two methods in order for your body to bulk up properly. Strength training is a vital factor in your overall exercise routine as it will provide you with many benefits, but you must be careful not to overdo it as it can cause your muscles to break down and not have enough time to repair themselves.

Finding time to fit your exercise routine into your daily activities is easy with just a little bit of scheduling. You do not need to spend the entire day at the gym, and if you are just starting out, it will be best for you to start with a simple 30 minute routine. Many prefer to do their routine in the morning, as it will help your body to become more alert, which will help you stay more focused throughout your day.

You will find that creating a goal system will make your workout routine much easier to deal with and to stick to. Not only will it help you with scheduling, but you can also find ways to reward yourself after you have reached goals. Try to set your goals at a level you would be happy with, then after you reach them, aim a little higher.

Apply these tips to your goal list, and you will take a positive step toward becoming a stronger, healthier person. Just keep in mind that it is going to take time for you to reach your goals, and try to find ways to motivate yourself to continue the plan.

Marc Ouellette is a Certified In-Home Personal Trainer, Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition and Owner of Personal Training Alliance. I help busy men and women get thin, burn fat, add lean muscle and help them become more energetic and confident.

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